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Cherry Brook Zoo Awarded National Accreditation


Cherry Brook Zoo is thrilled to announce..

After rigorous inspections, Cherry Brook Zoo has achieved
Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums’ highest standard of animal welfare   

OTTAWA (September 17, 2018) — Saint John, New Brunswick’s Cherry Brook Zoo is pleased to announce today that its national animal welfare accreditation is renewed for another five years.

The zoo’s Executive Director, Martha McDevitt, says she is incredibly proud of their facility and all the people who work and volunteer there. “It’s been a challenging two years but we feel we are on track and will be a vibrant facility for years to come,” she said.

“As those who continue to support the Cherry Brook Zoo know, our facility does more than just house exotic animals and put them on display,” she said. “Like accredited institutions all over the world, we believe that as well as our moral and professional responsibility for the welfare of the animals in our care, we also have a responsibility to protect the planet’s biodiversity through public engagement, conservation and research.”

“Cherry Brook Zoo’s Board of Trustees, staff and volunteers all have reason to celebrate today as they have put a tremendous amount of work into ensuring the zoo is in compliance with our standards,” said CAZA’s executive director, Dr. Susan Shafer. “It’s clear to us that at the very heart of the organization is its commitment to the welfare of the animals in its care.”

Since its inception in 1976, CAZA has worked to develop accreditation standards that have since become recognized as among the best in the world. “The process revolves around the principle that zoos and aquariums have a critical role to play in supporting species conservation and biodiversity,” says Dr. Shafer. “To play that role effectively, facilities must be guided by the highest standards of safety and animal care, as well as by clear education strategies and goals. I am pleased to say the hard work put in by the people at Cherry Brook Zoo is paying off and we believe that commitment will continue to contribute to its success in the future.”

Founded in 1976, CAZA is the leading animal welfare standards-development organization in Canada. Its standards-development process includes expert opinions from researchers, biologists and academics to ensure the standards reflect the latest in animal-welfare research, organizational management and public-safety protocols. Through a science-based approach, CAZA’s standards bridge the ethical concerns regarding zoos and aquariums. These standards are currently the only pan-Canadian set of standards mandating zoological facilities in the country.


Your Zoo, 1st nationally accredited in Atlantic area, is one of only 31 such zoos in Canada.

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